David Otto has taught me more than just the fundamentals of dance. Discipline, perseverance, and creativity are just a few things I have learned throughout my training with David and Chris. Their genuine love for the art of dance and their constant encouragement has led me to some unforgettable opportunities, i.e. attending The Ailey School in NYC and joining a college dance program that led to an international performance in Singapore. I have taken those practices into my social and professional life, which has shaped me to be the woman I am today.      A Sohn



"David and Chris are not only phenomenal dance teachers, but also great role models who truly taught me self confidence, humor and grace throughout my many years as their student. The training I received under their supervision was unparalleled and enabled me to attend competitive ballet summer intensives at NYSSSA and Boston Ballet. I cannot thank them enough for instilling within me a life long passion for dance."      G Axelrod




David and Christine Otto provide a very professional and pleasant atmosphere while keeping the quality of dance education and training at the highest levels.  Whether in class, rehearsal or performance, these are the teachers you want behind your training.  Under David and Christine's guidance, I couldn't have experienced training and performing with numerous soloists principles and ballet mistresses and performing at places like Jacob's Pillow.  This is the school for the best training in the capital region.        P. Fil


I have such fond memories of learning from David Otto and Christine Miller Otto. So happy that they are opening a new (gorgeous!) studio in downtown Troy! Check them out for yourself or your little ones. S. Paupini


For those of you with young dancers at home, I can't recommend study with David enough.
He and his instructors are highly accomplished in their own right and their instruction in the Balanchine method is top notch. I would not have had the opportunity to dance with the NYC Ballet if it wasn't for my time with David, and some of my best memories were made in his studio.
Seriously, if you have a young dancer at home, enroll them at his studio today. Dance Works of Try.    F. Sainato


You are the best teacher I have ever had and probably will ever have..you taught me so much, not just ballet. I cherish the knowledge you shared with me and often think about the things you taught me when I get put into a tough situation. i will always have a special place in my heart for ballet because of you.                  E.  Lyden